Saturday 28 August 2010

The End of Summer

For some people the end of summer comes when school begins. For me, at least for the last few years, the end of summer arrives when my son goes back to the US, and 10 months later, on his return, summer begins again. As he travels back to Seattle tomorrow, the end of summer is high, waved out on a high note by a bbq of ribs and corn on the cob. But it’s been a good summer, seeing a fair bit of England, revisiting favourite places, discovering some news ones, the ongoing Connect 4 championship.
He turned 15 this summer, now almost as tall as me, growing in every way, someone to make me proud and happy. At this time of year the blues always descend for a brief period, but then I look through the pictures of the summer, over 100 of them this time, and recall what a good time we’ve had.
Tomorrow it will be Heathrow and all the sweet sorrow of parting. It does become a little easier each year, but never simple. However, his life is over there, and that’s fine. As he grows older, he needs to build his own life and instead of nine weeks here, it will decrease. In just a few short years it might be no time at all, or a brief visit every couple of years. That’s growing up and growing away, a natural process.
For now I’ll enjoy him while I can. I’ll relish his presence, his quiet enthusiasm (especially for anime, manga and Xbox), and the way he changes and grows into himself. To be there when he needs me, to love him…maybe that’s all parents can really do.

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