Monday 9 August 2010

The Discoveries In Revising A Book

How much of what we write in novels is dictated by the unconscious? I’m not one to write an outline of a book. When I begin I know how it opens and how it will end. Beyond that I’m simply writing down the movie in my head as it unfolds. Sometimes I know what will happen 30 pages ahead, but usually no more than a page or two, sometimes not even that.
It’s akin to walking in the country. At times you can see far into the distance, but all too often your view is limited. With writing, however, the paths are of your own devising and sometimes the ones you create take unexpected turns.
I’m currently revising my new book. Today I was working on the scene with the villain and his girlfriend, who never appeared before, although he name has been mentioned. In an insidious way she’s proving to be more evil than the villain. That opens up interesting possibilities, and as yet I’m not sure how it will all develop. But that, really, is part of the fun of this vocation (can’t call it anything else, really). Time will tell. And you’ll have the chance to find out more next year.

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