Monday 6 September 2010

Blair's Book Signing - The Non Event

So Tony Blair has cancelled his London book signing. According to him it’s to stop any strain on the police force and avoid “hassle” to people. Funny, though, how it comes shortly after protests against him when he showed his face in Dublin.
For all his supposed concern for the public resources (not that it seems to bother him that taxpayers for out millions for his security) it seems very likely that he’s finally realised just how large the protests in London would be and he doesn’t have the guts to go through with it.
He’s smug enough to say that it’s not as if he needs to go and sign books. His tome is selling well enough as it is. However, those sales only kicked in after he gave his advance and royalties to charity – a masterstroke of PR from his spin doctor. And, according to some sources, one that will additionally save him plenty in taxes.
My admiration is more for the woman who tried to perform a citizen’s arrest on him in Dublin, and there will doubtless be plenty of others eager to do the same whenever they get the chance.
Perhaps the greatest irony is that Blair, one of the people responsible for the dangerous destabilisation of the Middle East, should have been appointed as a peace envoy there. And he’s proven to be someone who’s saying we shouldn’t rule out military intervention against Iran. Quite obviously history was never one of his good subjects as he seems incapable of learning from it. Even Bush has enough sense to keep a low profile for several years.

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