Wednesday 18 August 2010

On Finishing Writing A Novel

There no feeling that mixes pleasure and sadness like finishing the writing of a book – or at least a novel. There’s the sense of relief of ending after so many months, so many words and endless thought. And then there’s the sadness that comes with saying goodbye to it. The revisions are complete and it’s ready to move on to the publisher. Well, in this case, on to my closest friend, a wonderful author whose critique is invaluable, then the publisher. But even though I’ll return to it a couple of times in the coming months I feel as if it’s sailing away from me.
But it’s the sadness that’s the most powerful feeling. I’ve lived with these people (I can’t call them characters, they’re too real for that) for so long. Our lives have intertwined, I’ve felt their grief and joys (more of the former this time) and they’ve affected me. But the movie in my head has ended and the credits are rolling.
So it’ll be time to start thinking about the next book very soon…

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