Saturday 2 October 2010

The Constant Lovers

Well, the new book has been started. 4,000 words written – 4,028 if you want to be very picky. I know the final scene, pretty much how it will all end, and a few signposts along the way. Other than that it’s a long journey full of undiscovered places.

That’s the beauty of writing. We create, maybe, but much more it seems like a case of transcribing the movie that happens in the head. Of course, sometimes the projector doesn’t want to function well…

Or, to keep with the journey analogy, it can be like walking through a dense wood. Sometimes you can barely make out the path ahead and you’re stumbling. Then it will open up a little and you can walk more freely. Sometimes you’ll even turn a corner and the landscape will open up before you with a long, straight match ahead.

What this means, of course, is an interesting few months ahead. The new book, provisionally titled The Constant Lovers, will work like the previous two, with the crimes and also the family lives of Richard Nottingham and John Sedgwick. Time will tell how well it goes….

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