Monday 9 April 2012

Mônica da Silva

Mônica da Silva
Socialite Fiasco Music

Mônica da Silva’s second outing (which actually dates from 2010 but is still well worth covering) showcases not only her Brazilian roots and MPB sensibilities, but also her life in America. She’s a luscious, sensual singer, whether in English of Portuguese, but much of the credit here goes to partner Chad Alger, who shares in the compositions, and whose guitar is the underpinning to much of the music. Yes, there’s bossa and samba here, with some wonderful warmth (witness “Canta Coração”), and the mood can also become soft and languid. Made by the duo with just a smattering of guests, there’s some excellent rhythm programming. It’s a disc that connects the north and south of the Americas; Alger has a feel for Brazil, but there’s also a mildly indie sensibility lurking in there, while da Silva herself is close to her roots but still influenced by modern – and classic – pop. “Somewhere,” for instance, could easily have wandered off a vintage Stevie Wonder album, with its driving clavinet, and much of the production reflects. As a singer she’s more Maria Bethânia than Daniela Mercury, but still capable of a wild edge. All together, it makes for a very satisfying disc, with the hope that there’ll be more soon.

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