Saturday 8 October 2011

I've been remiss - forgive me

It’s been a while – far too long, really, since I posted on this blog. But that’s what happens when life intervenes and the need to make a living takes over.
But, for the novelist side of me, the last couple of weeks have been very interesting. The first reviews of Cold Cruel Winter have appeared in the US, and I’m quite staggered at how positive they’ve been. So far Publishers Weekly, Booklist and Kirkus Reviews had published them, the first a starred review that called the book “superb” while the other two were effusive in their praise. To complete the set, there’s one due from Library Journal at the start of November, and I’ve been told that, too, will be a starred review. So all the trade journals seem to like it, which is a very positive thing as I wait to hear whether the publisher wants to offer a contract for the fourth in the series.
While waiting with crossed fingers for that, I’ve been sent the cover for the third book in the Leeds series, The Constant Lovers, which will be out (in the UK at least) in hardback next January, the same time Cold Cruel Winter appears in trade paperback. In colour this time, and the moody shot of Kirkstall Abbey is lovely.
As if all that didn’t make for a basket full of joy, people have begun paying me for appearances, which has come as a shock, albeit a gratifying one. But the biggest and most exciting news on the appearance front is the duo – of sorts – with storyteller and musician Simon Heywood. It will receive its first outing at the end of November at Slaithwaite Civic Hall. The evening will be a mix of conversation, some readings from my books, some storytelling – from both of us – and some music that features in the books – mostly from Simon. We’ll be videoing the evening, and putting any worthwhile clips on YouTube. If it works the way we hope, then we’ll be touting it around to literary festival organisers (and anyone else who’ll have us).

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