Tuesday 7 June 2011

Duo Jonsson Coudroy

Duo Jonsson Coudroy
Bemol Productions BEMO 045

Take a Swedish fiddler and a French melodeon player and you not only have an interesting combination of musical cultures, but a pair of very talented players and composers. There are some traditional pieces here, such as “Gavotte,” and they’re performed with real delicacy and imagination. But the true joy lies in the originals, which exhibit such wonderful sympathy and communication between the pair that it’s almost mystical. Far from seeming empty, they fill each others spaces and do some very interesting things with the music, as on the closer “Sjön,” which uses chordal drones in a highly unusual fashion to create a remarkable atmosphere. That, however, just typifies the approach of this pair, who impress by their willingness not only to play beautifully but also think outside the box. This is a disc that rewards frequent listenings and bodes well for the future.

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